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Welcome to Wynand Wildlife

Buy and sell your wildlife through us

The wildlife industry in South Africa has grown and become much larger
over the past few years. There are now much more game farmers, breeders,
and investors, who are looking for wildlife to buy, or to sell their own wildlife.
Recently there are many more wildlife agents, through whom you can buy
and sell wildlife. Technology has improved, and made it easy for farmers to
utilize various platvorms such as "facebook", where they can advertise and
buy wildlife.

If there are now so much wildlife available to buy, so many buyers and
sellers to buy from or sell to, so easy to use modern technology to buy and
sell, and so many wildlife agents through whom you can buy and sell
- Why should you buy and sell your wildlife through us -
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Advertise your farming, auction, or wildlife related products

This website was started in July 2012. We have regularly made improvements
to the webiste, in order to improve the effectivity of the website, and to make
it more visitor friendly. Much thought went into the planning of the website, to make it fast and easy for our visitors to view the various pages in the website,
and to easily find the information and pages that they are looking for.

The content of this website is 100% about wildlfe, and nothing else.
It was and is very important for us to attract the right visitors to our website, which are game farmers or investors who are looking for a wildlife related
website, or a website through which they can buy and sell wildlife. We have managed to get the right visitors to this website, and we have seen the
growth every year of the number of visitors, as well as the number of pages
they view in our website. This website is very well placed on "Google". The
past three years, 75% of the people who viewed this website, found the
website and related webpages through "Google search".

This website had 270 016 visitors, who viewed 659 289 web pages in
this website, from July 2012 until December 2016.

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Tuis | Omtrent ons | Wild te koop | Nuus | Advertensies | Kontak ons    -    Home | About us | Wildlife for sale | News | Adverts | Contact us

Email: info@wynandwildlife.co.za 
|  Cell phone: 072 132 3668  |  Fax: 086 675 2350  |  PO Box 577, De Wildt, Brits, 0251

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We send monthly news letters to our clients. The letters relate to wildlife
available to buy, and artikels in regards to wildlife subjects.
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